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Still using email to manage quote requests while working from home?

The reality of working from home is becoming the new norm for every employee who can transition out of the office. Business must continue and no department is immune to this new way of working. The challenge for a lot of people is that working from home was not elective, it was forced upon them and they’ve been thrown into a completely new way of working without any training or re-adjustment period.

The reality is that companies still need to procure goods and services from vendors and with so many buyers now working from home, it’s time to re-think the email buying process and move to one that is more collaborative, transparent and productive.

While email has its place, as a sourcing tool it has a number of downsides for those now working from home that could be costing you more than just lost productivity.

No single points of dependency

Our working environment has shifted radically and we all accept it’s only going to change further in the months ahead. Using email to conduct and manage the quoting process with suppliers is a high-risk strategy as it creates a single point of critical failure.

Using email to manage the quote process will lock away specification data, pricing and supplier interactions making it almost impossible for other team members to access and review if and when required.

Cloud-based applications such as sourceit RFQ can be quickly and easily implemented and shared with your team enabling you to centralise the entire quoting process into a single app. Team members who are also working remotely can access quotes, review bids, collaborate and share files with suppliers. More than ever companies must have multiple levels of redundancy in place in order to mitigate risk and work more effectively with vendors.

Lack of Visibility

Working from home is different, team members are no longer sitting around you and you’re access to internal systems can be limited, but it remains critical that you and the business have complete visibility of spend, specification data, suppliers, pricing and all other communications that occur through the quoting process.

It’s business critical IP, that while not lost by using email, is tied up within an individuals email and therefore not easily accessible for the business or other team members.


Even though we’re all experiencing a massive shift in how we do business and work with our vendors, we still need to deliver the most effective pricing for the business. Email will not capture or record savings which limits your ability to demonstrate value to the business.

Applications such as sourceit RFQ not only help you and your team create and manage RFQs better, it will help you buy at the best price, measure savings and help you build better relationships with your vendors.

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There is no doubt email is a good business tool, but it’s not fit for purpose for those wanting to source goods and services via a request for quote process. If you’re thinking of using email to manage quote requests while working from home, why not take a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions;

  • do you have instant access to supplier and quote request information if you or another team member working remotely requires it?
  • can other team members help you manage a quote or access if you are unavailable?
  • can you share files and collaborate with vendors and allow all other team members to view the quote request in a single location?
  • Can you add new suppliers quickly and easily?

If you’ve made the rapid transition to working from home and struggling to manage quote requests, then why not sign up for a free trial to sourceit RFQ, it’s a very simple quote creation app that’ll make at least the sourcing part of your life a little easier.

It’s free to sign up with no ongoing monthly fees, you only pay $2 when you create and send a quote request to your suppliers after your free trial. Check it out at sourceithq.com/sign-up


About Sourceit

Sourceit is a fast-growing provider of affordable RFQ (request for quote), marketing procurement and catalog based software applications. Through our cloud-based solutions we empower buyers by simplifying the procurement process by providing simple yet powerful solutions to help buyers identify the best pricing from their preferred vendors.

Sourceit offers three different products for buyers:

  • market – a specialised source to pay application for marketing procurement
  • catalog – an inventory management and on-demand product/service ordering application
  • RFQ – a simple request for quote app for general products and services.