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Sourceit launch’s in Africa and the Middle East

Johannesburg, South Africa – July 20th, 2020: Sourceit, a global provider of cloud-based marketing procurement software is pleased to announce that its first South African based partner will commence using and supporting sourceit from August 2020.

“Having a strong reseller network in place has been a key strategy for us and having the ability to service new clients across Africa and the Middle East with a local team on the ground is an important strategic outcome for us”, says sourceit CEO Alan Paul CEO.

“I’m excited to welcome Johannesburg based eCompass and their principal Craig Green to our global partner network. Craig brings high levels of experience and knowledge in marketing procurement, project management, technology and supplier engagement to our network”.

Craig says, “eCompass is pleased to offer our clients the power and flexibility of the sourceit platform”.

Sourceit was born out of the print management industry in their home market of Australia and while new to the African and Middle East markets, it’s already being successfully used by over 100 different companies across Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

“For me, one of the key strengths I saw in sourceit was that it’s been built for marketing buyers, it’s easy to deploy and use and the fact that it integrates sourcing with an online catalog application simply adds to the value it will deliver to companies in this market”, says Craig.

“Technology is fast becoming an integral part of the marketing procurement landscape for organisations of every size and the impact of COVID-19 has driven this shift with remarkable pace as companies want to gain a higher level of control and transparency over marketing spend”, says Alan.

We recently released our annual 2020 Benchmark Report which demonstrated how our customer base of small to medium sized companies are taking advantage of the savings and productivity improvements the technology delivers.

“There is no doubt sourceit delivers on the key requirements of functionality, fit and value for marketing buyers, says Alan, and now more than ever companies must ensure any technology investment delivers on its core business objectives”.

If you’d like to find out more about sourceit or arrange a free demo, then contact us at:

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