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Sourceit launches new RFQ software

Melbourne, VIC Australia – August 31, 2017

Sourceithq Pty Ltd, a global provider of cloud-based quote, job and inventory management software announced today the launch of a new RFQ (request for quote) software for buyers.

Today the company is pleased to announce the launch of its RFQ (request for quote) software which allows buyers of any product or service to use the software to quickly and easily create and manage quotes or briefs and then review responses from suppliers.

“Sourceit RFQ has been developed after ongoing feedback from clients and represents a simpler approach to the process of creating and posting a quote or brief to suppliers,” says sourceit CEO Alan Paul.

“We’ve been through an interesting journey over the past two years as our existing products have grown and expanded in line with customer requirements. However, there was always a common thread to our feedback, clients wanted a quote and briefing tool that can be used to source any product or service, and one that’s really simple and easy to use”

“At sourceit, we’re all about simplicity and ease of use and that’s why we’ve created software that makes life easier for buyers and suppliers. Sourceit RFQ is an efficiency application, it’s not designed as end-to-end procurement software, it’s what it says it is, request for quote software, nothing more” says Alan.

“Also, we understand how busy suppliers are so we wanted to ensure that they could quickly and easily respond to quotes within sourceit. Ease of use equates to higher adoption rates and it’s better to have suppliers that want to do business with you because your technology makes it easy and cost-efficient for them to do so”.

Apart from its simplicity, one of the key features of sourceit RFQ is that buyers build their own supplier panels with the knowledge that sourceit does not charge suppliers a fee based on the value of the quote the buyer selects.

Sourceit features a unique pricing model that totally re-engineers the current hidden fee standard used by the market today.  Sold under a Usage Plan, a sourceit buyer can access the application at no cost only paying a small fee for each quote they create, no quotes, no cost.

“The model has already proven to save buyers significant amounts with a fee per RFQ of just USD$2.00, regardless of RFQ value. This model delivers massive cost savings over the higher per transaction value fees. It’s a totally transparent and disruptive solution that delivers a real win/win to buyers and suppliers,” says Alan.

Buyers can sign up to Sourceit RFQ here and for those signing up now, the good news is that the software is available free until October 1st. From October 1st, new subscribers will get their first eight (8) quotes at no cost with no minimum time frame.

About Sourceit

Sourceit is a fast-growing provider of affordable RFQ software delivered via cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Sourceit empowers buyers by simplifying the sourcing and procurement process that provides a simple yet powerful solution to help buyers identify the best quote from their own preferred suppliers.

Sourceit offers three different software products for buyers:

  • RFQ – a simple and easy to use request for quote software for general products and services.
  • Market – a specialized procurement and job management application for Marketing Services, and
  • Catalog – an inventory management an on-demand product/service ordering application.

Learn more at sourceithq.com