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Simplicity is the Solution

Sourceit’s new RFQ application was developed with one goal in mind: to empower buyers by simplifying the RFQ (request for quote) and brief creation process.

Simplification of sourcing delivers better and more immediate outcomes for buyers by eliminating unnecessary complications. The reality is most people would like to improve their performance: technology gives them the tools to achieve this.

So what are the key trends?

Technology is changing everything

We live in a connected economy and technology is impacting every aspect of our lives. It improves our interactions and helps organizations redefine many traditional roles and work practices, driving individuals towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in their roles.

We don’t see the roles in procurement being replaced by automation through AI improvements, we see technology being used to simplify tasks so that buyers can focus on the more strategic aspects of the procurement process.

Complexity evolves into simplicity

Hands up if you have been frustrated by your complex ERP system which makes generating a simple quote a headache, let alone a detailed brief to your suppliers? They just don’t get the business of being nimble.

The good news is these days are over!

While there will always be a need for large ERP systems in procurement and finance, the future of these systems demands that they allow complementary applications such as mobile apps and other more nimble software that can target specific pain points within the procurement process. These smaller, robust applications and software are designed to help buyers interact with suppliers quicker and easier, overcoming traditional inefficiencies and supporting innovation at an individual buyers level.

Technology is people’s choice

As we stated earlier, we live in a connected economy and the way people buy has changed, forever.

People want technology that’s collaborative and personal, user-friendly and easy to use. Apps for social and other digital interactions have become the new norm, so it’s only natural we expect our business technology to behave the same way.

People want technology to be an extension of their private lives, they want to connect in the same way at work as they do at home. We see the future buyer within a procurement group, large or small being able to make their own choices on software and not being tied to the corporate one size must fit all approach.

After all, we are all individuals wanting to do the best we can in our roles, so let our technology solutions be as individual as we are.

Suppliers and buyers on the same team

Not long ago, suppliers were considered the enemy. But the reality is, buyers and suppliers will always be interconnected, so it’s essential they work collaboratively.

Todays e-commerce systems make it easier than ever for buyers and suppliers to collaborate and share information. Systems that encourage interaction and engagement are critical in determining the long-term success of the buyer – supplier relationship.

At sourceit we’ve built a platform that is founded on the premise of simplicity: we know how much work goes into responding to a brief or quote request. So we’ve designed software that helps you work more effectively.

Sourceit enables you to create successful sourcing events that deliver the right information to your suppliers every time, allowing you to build and work with your own supplier teams and comply with existing supply chain business rules. We let the individual shine.

Sourceit offers three different products for buyers:

  • RFQ – request for quote software for general products and services, 
  • Market– a specialized procurement and job management application for Marketing Services, and 
  • Catalog – an inventory management and on-demand product/service ordering application.

Learn more at www.sourceithq.com