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Sourceit’s RFQ app G-Cloud 11 certified

London – sourceit is pleased to announce that it has been accepted onto the G-Cloud 11 Framework governed by Crown Commercial Service to supply services within Lot 2 – Cloud Software. This service can be found on the Digital Marketplace.



The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2017/18, CCS delivered £354 million in commercial benefits including savings for central government, and £247 million for the wider public sector – helping to deliver world class public services that offer best value for money.

“This is a significant step for our company, says sourceit CEO Alan Paul. Naturally we’re excited that we’ve successfully been through the rigorous application process and now government buyers in the UK can subscribe to our Request for Quote (RFQ) app under the G-Cloud 11 framework”.

Sourceit’s RFQ app enables public sector employees to quickly and easily gain competitive prices for products and services from their suppliers without the need to involve over-burdened procurement teams. RFQ supports the user by providing a simple and easy to adopt application that helps government buyers become more productive and get the best value from their suppliers.

“Our RFQ app is unashamedly simple, easy to use and great value for money”, says Alan.

RFQ allows public sector employees with little knowledge of purchasing, to quickly and easily create quote requests, send them to suppliers and then compare the prices as they come it. The app allows non-expert buyers and approved suppliers to collaborate in real time, share files with each other and provides instant savings data via the user dashboard.

Sourceit’s RFQ app is unique in that there are no upfront costs or license fees for government buyers, the app is free to access and government buyers only pay £2 when they complete and send a quote request to suppliers. Importantly, there are no fees charged to suppliers to respond to any quote requests sent to them or they respond too.

“We recognise that sourceit RFQis not for every buyer, but it’s perfect for individuals or teams that need a more efficient and productive way to handle large volumes of quote requests, especially if you’re using spreadsheets and emails today”, says Alan.

Sourceit RFQ is a SaaS based product and under the G-Cloud 11 framework and UK government buyers can sign up to RFQ online and take advantage of the free trial at sourceithq.com/sign-up/.

For more information about sourceit, send an email to: hello@sourceithq.com