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Sourceit empowers you by combining all the RFQ processes into one application.

  • Eliminate the hassle of multiple applications (email, spreadsheets, pdfs, legacy software)
  • Centralize all supplier communication
  • Increased efficiency means you have more time
  • Work in your local currency
  • No cost for your suppliers to participate and respond
  • You can always access for FREE, you only pay when you send RFQs

For individuals and teams

Sourceit allows you to work individually or create teams so you can all work as one. Within sourceit you can:

  • Invite team members to join your organization
  • Create and post RFQs or briefs to your supply chain
  • Leverage spend across your entire organization
  • Drag and drop supporting documentation in multiple file formats from your desktop
  • Include as many suppliers you require in each RFQ
  • Track and respond to supplier queries
  • Compare all supplier responses in a single view

And… your suppliers will love the simplified and free quoting process.

Save time & money

Save your organization money

Sourceit’s powerful sourcing solution makes you look great, as well as making a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line

  • Transparent price comparison
  • Easily identify the best response
  • Faster decision making
  • Measurable savings on every RFQ
  • Share savings with your colleagues and managers
  • No hidden fees charged to your suppliers to respond to RFQs