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What is sourceit RFQ?

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Pay as you use

Not only is our software easy to use, our pricing plan is just as simple. Sourceit RFQ is totally free to access and you only pay $2.00 each time you create and send an RFQ to your suppliers, regardless of value or the number of suppliers.  We don’t even charge your suppliers, so you do the math… if you could save $$$ for just $2.00, is it worth it?


Sourceit RFQ is what it says it is, simple RFQ software that allows buyers to source and manage their transactional spend efficiently and effectively. The simplicity of our software is one of its key features, a feature that ensures no matter whether you’re seeking a solution just for yourself, or one for your entire team and organization, it will improve the way you source.


Sourceit RFQ delivers a fully transparent and efficient process that allows buyers to compare pricing from their suppliers helping deliver measurable productivity improvements and financial savings to the organization.

Supplier Management

All your suppliers in one location, sorted and categorized.  Review your suppliers quickly and optimize which suppliers you want to respond to your RFQs. It’s the little things that make a difference and your suppliers will love how easy it is to respond and collaborate with you using sourceit RFQ, helping you buy better.